Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shots

Carbon steel cut wire shots are widely used in foundry,

forging and automotive industries for cleaning, deburring,

descaling, shot peening and surface improvement.

Carbon steel cut wire shots are available in three different

hardness: 45-50 HRC, 50-55 HRC and 55-60 HRC with size

ranging from 0.40mm to 2.50mm

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High strength steel cut wire shot (not rounded)

(We specialize in wire drawing to grain processing one-stop production, finished product features for the pill granule uniform roundness, moderate hardness, impact strength, wide coverage, long service life. Fully guarantee the quality and price advantage, in the hope that sincere cooperation, create a better future!)


Hardness: HV610 ~ 670

Specification: other custom Φ 0.4 mm to 2.5 mm

Chemical composition: 81% ~ 82% carbon, silicon 18% ~ 28%, 40% ~ 50% of manganese, chromium 3% ~ 5%, 2% ~ 3% nickel

Using wire drawing, cutting, grinding, etc. Craft refined but become. Appearance bright and round bead shape (cut pill, cylindrical). Wear-resisting spends three to five times that of cast steel shot, can reduce the production cost.


HardnessShape0.40mm to 2.50mmSize45-50 hrc

50-55 hrc

55-60 hrc

As Cut

CCW (G1)





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